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I love applied mathematics. In particular statistics and machine learning. Currently, I focus my attention on combining sequential decision making and causal inference.
My stack:
  • Bachelor level economics
  • Bachelor level pure mathematics
  • Graduate level probability and statistics
  • Machine learning (SLT)
  • Causality and causal inference (SCM & PO)
  • Sequential decision making (bandits, RL, active inference)
  • Programming for data science purposes (Python, R, Git)
  • Strong presentation, communication and storytelling skills
My name Drążkowski reads as "'ɣubɛrt ˈdrɔ̃ʐkɔfski" \approx in English "Hoo-bert Drahnzh-koff-ski", where "Drah" is like "draw", but with a slightly more open "ah" sound, and "nzh" is like the "s" in "treasure". I do not take responsibility for any tongue injuries.